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Being the owners and operators of, we are primarily responsible for the content which we publish on our site. This content provides information about the job opening, details about the company, a description of duties, salary information, allowances, compensation packages, as well as other benefits and information on how to apply. Due to this, it is important to note that we do not have responsibility for any content on third-party websites, regardless of who owns or maintains the domain.

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Although we make every effort, we are unable to guarantee that all third-party websites will work properly at all times. No responsibility will be taken by us if there is inaccurate, misrepresentative, unverified, incomplete, fraudulent, or invalid information posted by third parties. We ask for your utmost respect. Please ensure that you refrain from charging us with any violations. Sites operated by third parties usually have their own legal terms, privacy policies, disclaimers, and so on. Our site is not affiliated with any third-party service that provides employment opportunities to the general public on a direct basis.

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Third parties are responsible for the content they create. The content can be used however they choose. assumes no ownership or responsibility for any changes or additions made by third parties to their website, page, link, or any other content. Furthermore, we have no association or connection with any employer or any company. Therefore, we have no part to play with relation to any change taking place within those companies’ websites. We are not answerable or authorized for updating the employer site, therefore any changes made there are not our responsibility.

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The ownership of the website belongs exclusively to us, therefore, we have full authority to make changes, edit, or delete any text or image found therein. Consequently, we are aware of the fact that it is our legal and moral duty to accept responsibility for what we do and how it is presented. Taking responsibility is not difficult for us. Therefore, to create a pleasing experience for our visitors, we will not be in contact with them for making changes and notifying them by phone, email, or messaging.

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Please note that we are a career website that provides our users with complete information about all the job positions that we have on our website. Unless stated otherwise, all trademarks, logos, and names of third-party companies that may appear on these posts belong to the respective companies. No affiliation exists between this website and any of these companies. In other words, we will not be able to hire anyone from this website. Our responsibility only extends to the dissemination of information that we deem reliable as well as current. can be modified or updated in the following ways:

It is our right to exercise all rights regarding the removal of content, the adjustment, or even customization that we make on our site. It is up to us whether we post job listings within our reach according to our own preferences. Neither we nor any organization can be held accountable for providing advance notice before making changes on their website.

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