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Privacy Policy

We may collect and use information about you that we collect from other sources, including our affiliates, or information you provide to us. We may also collect and use information about you that we automatically collect when you visit our websites or use our services. This Privacy Policy describes the types of information we may collect from you, how we may use that information, and with whom we may share it.

Which kind of information does this site collect from its regular site users?

As technology advances, so does the way we collect and store data. We now have the ability to collect data in real-time and store it in the cloud, which allows us to provide better and more personalized services to our users. We can also use this data to improve our services. For example, by tracking user behavior, we can see what features are being used the most and what ones are being ignored. By analyzing your search history, we can recommend jobs that are most likely to interest you. By analyzing your recommendation list, we can recommend companies and organizations based on your preferences. And by tracking your location, we can provide you with information about local businesses and other possibilities.

How do we use the personal data of our visitors?

When you provide us with your personal information, we always use it for marketing purposes only. Please be assured that your information will never be sold or shared with a third party for the sole purpose of marketing its products. It is possible for us to contact you with information about our services, or to ask for your feedback as to how we may improve them.

How do we protect the personal information of our customers?

At, the integrity of your data is of the utmost importance to us. For the purpose of protecting the data of our users, the company has put into place a security protocol that restricts access only to certain staff members. The objective is to make sure that sensitive information of our customers is only accessible to authorized personnel. Aside from that, we also use the most advanced security technologies to protect data from unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction. Our commitment to data security is one of the reasons why has become a leading provider of employment.

Do we like to use cookies?

Yes. We do like to use cookies. The term cookie is a term used to describe a small piece of data that is stored on the hard disk of the computer. The use of cookies allows us to compile statistics about the use of our website. Our website also uses cookies in order to customize your experience on our website and to ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible. As a result of the use of cookies, we are able to give you the best experience possible on our website. As long as you continue to use this website, we will take it as a goodwill gesture from your side on this matter.

Third-Party Disclosure:

Personal data is a valuable commodity, and companies often trade and sell it to other third parties. However, we do not trade, sell, or transfer your personal data to any other third party. Our data protection policies are strict, and we will not compromise the privacy of our users. It is our policy that we will only use the information that we collect from you to provide you with the services that you have requested from us.

Third-Party Links: is a website that provides users with access to job listings from around the Canada. While the site is helpful for job seekers, it also includes links to third-party websites. These links can be dangerous, as they may lead to malware or other harmful content. is not responsible for the content on these third-party websites.

CaIOPPA Policies

With the advancement of society, there is a heightened concern over privacy. This is especially true when it comes to the internet. People want to be able to browse websites and use online services without worrying about who is watching them. That is why we have CaIOPPA Policies in place that allow our users to visit anonymously. Our policies ensure that your data is protected and that you remain anonymous while browsing our website.

Does support third-party behavioral tracking on its website?, a site that allows users to search for jobs and submit their resumes, is using third-party behavioral tracking to make sure the site is working properly. A tracking system is being used by a company that uses cookies in order to collect data about how users interact with the website. will be able to make use of the information in order to make its website a more attractive and useful place for its users.

Policies for Children Online Privacy Protection Act:

We want to assure you that under no circumstances will we ever purposely market any information about a child on our website to anyone in any way. We take our users’ privacy very seriously and are committed to protecting their data. We also never sell or share any user data with third-party companies for marketing purposes. We hope our users feel confident using our site and know that their privacy is always our top priority.

Update Policy:

The privacy policies of may be edited, updated, deleted or modified at any time without notice. We reserve the right to change our policies at any time, so please check back frequently. Any changes to our policies will be posted on this page.


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